Well i have something importent to discuss with you guys


Well. All you know such game as Bioforge. Not many of you have played it. This game didn't receive too much attention, but nonetheless is considered to be one of the best in its gender.

What i was thinking is additionally to all Crusader staff on the portal we add Bioforge section. With all the documents, articles, etc... (do nto worry it will be mostly my concern, if you can help i'll greatly appreciate it)

I'm a great fan of this game and i believe it deserves to have the place of it's own. At least be part of our portal. Thus we will be able to create an online community with a portal dedicated to both of those great games, which is i must say unique portal on the internet. I'm sure there are some people looking for the information about Bioforge (the story of its development as tragic as crusader's one :p). This should be profitable for us as a growing source of information on Crusader. We will be able to attract additional users (i guess their number wont too large), but still we will make our move towards what needs to be done in order to grow.

Anyway, i want to hear your opinions on this topic. I'm really eager to create such section and i have some info already prepared. I just do not want to create a separate site. No use will come of it. But if we merge both, this will be very very positive to the both project.
Well... I can see it working out if you combine a Crusader forum and a BioForge forum together... but I don't think combining two game series' would be good for the original purpose of this site. I wanted to make a great CRUSADER website, not necessarily a "forgotten Origin games" site. If you absolutely had to make a BioForge site, I think you should make a separate portal for it.
I also think that a separate site is better !... If somebody looks for informations on Bioforge, he would not stop on a site dedicated to Crusader. Furthermore, to add a Bioforge section in the current site would prevent it, I think, to develop as much as it would deserve it !...

To create a separate website seems to me preferable, even if it is a small site in HTML, less ambitious than the portal on Crusader.

On the other hand, to combine the forums seems to be a good idea! :)