What about a ARPG game ?


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:mask: Hi guys,pleasure to meet u all.
  Let's get to the point.
  I wonder if we can use  material from Crusader,we can use it to make a action role-playing-game,just adding a few tiles then we can make it worth playing~ and myself can do someting tile drawing ,such like avatar and sprites; or some other things,If I  got  time to do so.I use the tool  to  unpack the game data,so I got a lot of material. I  only need time to use the stuff at hand to create new NPCs,and of course ,new enemy as well.
  well there would be somthing I always keep in mind,
1,new targeting system,we can lock down enemy,or NPC .
2,enable mouse .
3,out door scene?that  will be major part to explore.
4,new weapon,plasma rifle or alien pistol would be good, 8)

well I will work out some detailed plan,and i'll see how far it goes.
My english is plain,tnanks for your patience~
han your english is ok Jerry, no need to worry.

I replied to you here and in email also - http://cyberionsystems.com/echosector/index.php?topic=513.msg3731;topicseen#new

Right now me and Goku have a priority to finish up our Quest game, where 2D artist is a must ;) Crusader quest game. Crusader: No Hope was on hold for a quite long time, maybe it's time to re-launch the development process ;)
wow,I cant agree more
maybe we need a good plan ,a good plan we could actually finish,not some great one but not possible.
  we could just have a small  mod ,adding a few sprites for some more actions ,or if we can finish it maybe we can add one or two weapons,well making sprites is a time consuming work,hopefully we can make it out.......
  then .we may continue our bigger plan..
what do u say?
    I ve lost my cd of crusader almost 10 years ago...what a shame!  along with it are my shadow of Amn and Fallout1 &2 CDs, thats a totally a disaster!!!