What did the music of Crusader do for you???

Ellow lads,

Wellll I have a long long night behind me and after tonight I thought to my self,  What did the music from Crusader do for me / you in certain situations.  For example.

I have just been blessed with my first child,  her name is Myrthe,  well last night was the first night she was with us at home.  All day everything was just dandy with her,  but then night came,  and with night HELL CAME TO EARTH!!!.

We wanted to go to bed at 0.00 hours soooo we did, my wife gave Myrthe her milk (breast feeding)  and well..... normally.. the child would fall asleep, but OFCOURSE, what do you think happened???  :p  she didnt fall asleep.  Instead, she started crying, crying, crying, oww and yes a WHOLE LOT MORE CRYING!!!!!  We went BESERK!!!! we just didnt know what to do,  what was wrong and how to stop it.  My wife went totally crazy, this because she didnt have ANY sleep from giving birth till now, sooo she was exhausted.  At 3 am I finally called the emergency services and they said, 1.  give her a fake nipple, (dont know if thats the right name for it in english)  2.  take her out for a ride, that will calm her and make her fall asleep.

Soooooo at 3 am I jumped in my car, and started driving, and driving and DRIVING!!,    and I drove till it became light outside,    and I arived home at 7.30 am.  Shite!!!! and now comes the Crusader part :)    ofcourse I have all the music of Crusader on Cd in my car, and well,  It was a life saver,  cause Crusader music kept me sane, and awake during the long long long hours of the night,  during the endless kilometers.    And :O I think Myrthe liked it to :D cause she kept on sleeping eheheh.   

Well thats one awsome thing Crusader music did for me!

soooo my question for you guys is!! what has crusader music done for you!!!
Congratulations! What a wonderful story! (And a hard night for you! :p)

What has Crusader music done for me? Hmm... well it just reminds me of my childhood a lot, basically. It makes me remember my roots in gaming!
heheh bro, this is great story! I hope this night you will finally get some sleep.

btw we have mp3 versions of Crusader music on our website, under Resource category (left section). Much better quality, if you used original Crusader format, now try those mp3. You will be surprised hehehehe

And as for me, Crusader's music made me more positive. every time I listen to it, my mood is always very good.
Hehe I think the most difficult job is to be a parent  ;)

And what does the the music do for me? Well I think It just gives me the nostalgia feeling and some inspiration for my..."project"  :D
For mee, ah the music of Crusader makes me always remember it, I feel like becoming a Silencer and Become for the resistance as the storyline. See that wonderful tecnology such as jumpads, advanced killing machines or devices, great computers far from now. Bases or instalations in other planets. Weapons and bombs, mines and androids. The most important thing is that it reminds me also when I was little and I used to play it. :)