where is everyone?


ehhh guys? I was ill for quite a big, but hopefully recovered. Poped on the website and I see nothing  >( I mean there is no progress no posts and no updates on the project. Did I miss anything?
No clue. I'm really just waiting for more content to dribble in. Most of the geometry is there for the first level. Most of all I need textures, I'm thinking I might do some myself.
Sorry for the delay, i had exams and a software project due this week.
I'll get back to work once everything is finished.
Stay tuned  :D
ok, ok guys. I just was worried lol.

P.S. I'm studing Source Level Design right now. Course will take about 1 month, but after that... man better not to say :p
Little busy atm, into my last few months of my PhD now so it's all hands on deck.  As with Aby, I'll get back on it once the RL stuff is out of the way.
Sorry guys, was busy with the semester and work,
now there's a strike at university... lol
will get to work soon.........
A strike at uni?  They're a hoot.  When I was doing my undergrad the student union decided to strike.  What was the point I wondered?  People notice when emergency services strike, or baggage handlers or truck drivers, but students?
Actually it's strike by the Teaching/Graduate assistants and contracts workers demanding an increase in their wages and better benefits (health etc..), the deans of every faculty decided on suspending academic activities till the strike ends.
I was overloaded with work but with some free time with strike I could finish some stuff up without submitting late :p, now have to wait it out, at least there is work to be involved in, other than regret mod ofcourse  :D
atm am busy with a small proj: It is time to replace my old P4 so I'm ordering parts, excited :D
Sorry guys, was away for a long time :(
Getting the new computer, setting it up (setting up old for somebody else)..
and soon after that, the strike ends :p, and it was a torrent/rush of assignment due dates and all..sigh
Exams start within a few weeks, I am not sure if I will get time, but after exams I will get back to modeling.
PS: I haven't uploaded all my files to the repo, will do so soon.
alright, so what's the deal here, do you need programmers or artists to move this thing along?

asking because i can do both but i'm unsure whether i could even help considering that this project seems to be pretty dead... and if it can't get finished within a year tops, i don't see how it can still have a broad appeal since source engine won't be just outdated by then... which it already is... and it won't even be ancient any more... it will be like mysterious creatures that may or may not have inhabited the earth 2 million years ago.
We are working on Crusader: No Vindication ATM. You are welcome to hit that section of these forums up if you would like to lend a hand. I myself have only been here for 3-4 months so I couldn't tell you what the state this particular project here is in. Thats Cyberion's call.
I must tell that I have no idea about the status. All I can say is that Jupix is the head of the project and he put everything on hold so far. So we were helping him mostly. Right now as Ryan said we are working on Crusader: No Vindication.

It's Ryan's call and he is leading the project and we are giving him a hand. But the project moves on a good pace so far.