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My favorite from REMORSE: Mission 1, 3. Nerve gas I think is 4 or 5 AND THE REST. Weapons I don't like: PA21, BA 40. The rest of it are included in No Regret.
Inventory that should be included: Mine det (you have to waste bullets for taking out the mines), spider mine. Data pics.
Silencer moves: Rolling, a Punch when you are out of clips.hehe
The troops of silencer: Should have been more of them. They were three of them.

I like from No Regret: Mission 1, Mission 2, Mission 3, Mission 4, Mission 5, Mission 6 ( specially the secret room full of weapons and inventory), Mission 8, Mission 9 and Mission 10.
Favourites missions: 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10.
Mission hated: Mission 7.

I would like to add: More missions ( No remorse has 15).

Weapons I LIKE: RP32, AC-88, PA31, PL-1, EM-4 (SPECIALLY FOR SERVOMECS), BK16, XP-5
Favourite weapons: RP32, AC-88, PA31, PL-1, EM-4, GL-303, UV-9, AR-7.

Weapons that are useless in both sequels: SG-A1 (Having an AC-88 you've got more speed shooting).
RP22 (I personaly use it in one mission from no remorse, when you buy Rp32, RP22 is useless).

Note: If this topic should be in another section, please let me know, I put it into General discussion because talks about the 2 games.
Re: Which are your favourite/hate missions and weapons in both crusader? General

My favorite is remorse mission 01.
Re: Which are your favourite/hate missions and weapons in both crusader? General

mine in remorse is mission 6, where you have to spy on the WEC meeting.
In No Remorse:

-Favourite Mission 2, 9 and 15

-Favourite Weapons - RP32 and Reaper

-Dont like Weapons - Unifier and Vortex

-Favourite songs - Rebel base 1, Mission 1, Mission 9, Mission 13 and Mission 15

In No Regret:

-Favourite Mission 1, 3 and 10

-Favourite Weapons - Rp32 and Reaper ^^

-Dont like Weapons - Unifier, Crystallizer and Vortex

-Favourite songs - PHIL, STRAIGHT, NINTH and D3

The weapons I dont like have the reason because either they destroy the bodies so you cant loot them or they are too inaccurate..or both  ;)

I mean there are other weapons that destroy the bodies but they are very lethal and I most likely use them in the last missions.
Re: Which are your favourite/hate missions and weapons in both crusader? General

No Remorse

Missions: 1, 6, 14
Weapons: BA-40, RP-32
Songs: Space, Rebel Base I, Mission 2

No Regret

Missions: 1
Weapons: RP-32, AC-88
Songs: Ninth, Regret
Mmm...many tastes...haha. In this topic you can also tell about how and when you recieve Crusader games. Both.
I start with my own: My mum updated my pc to Amd k5 Pr 100mhz and added 32 mb of ram, windows 95, and a Kit of multimedia from Creative. Creative AWE 64. All these happened in 1996. I was 12 years old and that kit had:
-The soundcard of course.
-Creative Cdrom 18x.
-Remote control.
-Creative infra suite cd for using the control.
-Creative wonders.
But the most important:
This three game came in as a gift from the kit. Also I had Descent 1 in the hard disk: (Beta version 7 levels only till one Boss Robot  in level 7, three cannons only, laser, vulcan and spreadfire, and limitated misils). Other game that was in hard disk was Jazz Jack Rabbit 1. Hehehe. Very nice piece of Games don't you think?. I came back from school that day and that's he surprise was waiting me.
Then I played other games like: Wolf 3d. Terminal Velocity ( shareware another of my favourites oldies game).
In 1998 I bought Descent II this great sequels from he first and Descent: Freespace The Great War.
Then in 1999 I found in a supermarket Crusader: No Remorse, Transalted to spanish. At the begining I thought it was a new version, but when I played it, I realised that crusader no regret had better environment so...you know. I payd it 45$ (pesos). I had both games original realesed. But one day one schoolparter stole me Crusader : No Regret and I had to recopy it again.
Then that same year I found Descent 3...that was the year I started to wish another Crusader. A third sequel or a remake. But all stayed in history.
Then Jazz Jackrabbit 2 was realesed and I bought it too.
Re: Which are your favourite/hate missions and weapons in both crusader? General

How about you Keenan how and when was the first time you play or recieve crusader ( no remorse or no regret).
You'll see guys, a lot of games made it less crusader isn't that a pity. Looking back in time: Quake ( now there are 4)
Doom ( There are 3)
Duke Nukem 3d (3 sequels).
Descent (4 sequels counting descent 3 mercenary add on).
Age of empires (3 sequels).
Swat ( 4 sequels) and they're first games looked like this one.( same perspecive I mean) beside the games are diferent.
Descent: Freespace ( 2 sequels).
Terminal Velocity ( 1 but never realesed another).
Time Commando ( only one, there were rumours about a Time Commando 2).
Hexen ( I think there are 2) correct if I'm wrong.
What you guys think about? Post your tale also.

That's really nice mission pal, that's what I call, the cash machine. Where you can make a lot of money for Weasell weapons. hehehe ;).
Hmm how did I get crusader...

I can remember that I saw screenshots of crusader in a gaming magazine. And at that time I was fully into games like jazz jackrabbit or Total Mania.
Somehow I didnt even wanted to play crusader dont know why but then when a demo came...I tested it and never wanted another action game anymore, (But ofcourse I played other action games ;) )

However I also can remember that it was very hard to find a copy of No Remorse here in germany and I buyed No Regret first as I saw it in a store shelf.

Then a year later or so at christmas time my father found a copy of No Remorse somewhere and that was present I never forget  :D
Re: Which are your favourite/hate missions and weapons in both crusader? General

I got crusader: no remorse from a friend, and i bought not regret from the store.
Re: Which are your favourite/hate missions and weapons in both crusader? General

My first encounter with Crusader was unfortunately less than legal. So-called "Twilight" CDs were once popular in the Netherlands and Belgium (and possibly beyond) who had ripped versions of games, usually without cut scenes and music or dialogue. When I bought a new computer in 1996 (a 686) I took it to an acquitance who installed it (back then with MS-DOS only) and he installed some games from Twilight games as well, including Crusader No Regret (version 1.01). I immediately loved the game. But since the game was illegal I had no documentation and I wasn't an avid gamer back then and it took me longer to figure things out. I could walk and shoot but didn't know you could manipulate objects, hence I never made it out of the cargo bay (since you have to use the computer screen and switch to deactive the forcefield and move the lift). Once I found that out I played through the freighter fairly quick. I remember having no sound at all since I didn't have any speakers back then. For some reason the game crashed when teleporting of the Endymion but I didn't know it was a crash and figured the game had ended. For some reason, when I started playing with sound (after acquiring speakers) it stopped crashing and I finished the games multiple times on all difficulty levels and probably figuring almost every secret (I know at least one thing I wasn't able to do and that was in Mission 6 with the ore seperator, getting that lift with the broken panel up and down).

At some point in my life (between 1996 and 2001) a friend bought Crusader: No Remorse in a store nearby, the EA Classic edition, with full documentation however. It was the first time I was able to play it as I had never found it (or a legal copy of No Regret). We played the game at my place a lot. He was less into Crusader as I was so I borrowed it a lot, playing and loving it. At one point he sold it to me since he had completed the game himself and wasn't interested anymore.

In 2005 I finally discovered Ebay, using it took more effort since I'm naturally distrusting, internet banking was a huge step for me already, let alone buying stuff over the internet from complete strangers. I also couldn't pay, since I had no credit card and didn't know that PayPal could be stuffed with funds through internet banking. So when I found this really nice looking copy of Crusader: No Regret (with the original box and all documentation) a UK friend, who happened to have a credit card, bought it for me and send it to me once she received it (we later found out she could have shipped it to me directly). Unfortunately I can't play either game normally. This computer, which I bought in 2001, runs Windows XP (started with Win98) and it is not fast enough to properly play Crusader in DosBox. I still have my 1996 computer standing around and I still plan to revive it, install (or have that acquintance install it for me) it with DOS and start playing old DOS games like Crusader, Master of Magic and Master of Orion. But first I need to find room in the house since the attic room (which used to the be the computer room from 1996-2001) is one large junk yard right now. You need luck not breaking your neck while walking there. With the new DosBox (0.70) Crusader runs much smoother btw, especially the cutscenes and I started playing again, though I haven't progressed very far yet, only cleared out the first freighter level.

As for favourites, I'm not really sure since it's been 2001 when I last really actively played. My favourite weapon has always been the AC-88 Reaper, I just loved the crowd control comment in the manual (or was that posted with the SG-A1?). I love how it ploughs through Guards and Enforcers alike. I also like the XP-5 Broiler for some reason. I've never been a fan of the PA series, the pistols, PL-1 or EM-4.

My favourite level in No Remorse is probably the level where you have spy on the Consortium meeting. I always did my best not to trigger alarms (even though I later found out it doesn't alter the outcome). I just liked the huge office and how it was setup and the music with the level.

My favourite level in No Regret is harder to recall as playing No Regret was even longer ago than playing No Remorse (since I had No Regret first). I didn't like the levels in the mines a lot, I preferred office settings for some reason.
wow...very complicated story there silencer. Seems like not everyone had the chance to go in to a store and buy the game.

My mistake was it back then that I found out about crusader too late. So it was out of stores already (even thogh I wonder about that because it couldnt be longer than 1 year)

However...the best of all this...we finally have the games  :)
Re: Which are your favourite/hate missions and weapons in both crusader? General

It was probably more widely available in the US than here in the Netherlands to begin with. In general the offer of games was quite low in my area. Only few shops around had PC games at all, I had the same problem with my Sega Master System.
Great Stories, well, after that we were with a friend of mine, drawing silencer's armor better. And then we had this wonderful dream about managin our own game enterprise. I decided befor call him as he game name. Because it's better having an own personality...you know. And we drew a lot of them. Crusader, Ultraceider, Phantomceider (a kind of ghost silencer), Dark Angel ( a neutral silencer), Magnum 101 ( Blue Armored), General Crusader ( ascended with that rank) and General Ultraceider. Then we invented them as superheroes with superpowers without using weapons. All these happened between 1998 and 2003. Nowadays we are studying in that future proyect.
Re: Which are your favourite/hate missions and weapons in both crusader? General

My first encounter of Crusader was on November 24, 1996. It was my eighth birthday. Because we got a Win95 machine several months earlier, I was totally fixated on computer games. I opened one of my presents, it was the Exo-Squad interactive movie game. The other was Space Adventure Pak, containing Shockwave Assault, Wing Commander III, and Crusader: No Remorse. Upon the first glance of the No Remorse box, I instantly wanted to play it. So I did. And I still do.

I never got No Regret until about 2001.
I also wanted to set up a new enterprise which has the job of remaking old games in new versions, containing the old graphics but bein able to play on Windows Xp. But all waits on hold. I had a lot of Ideas. At least there's a forum all entiry from crusader. I think it would be nice to create another talking about old games in general: Crusader, Descent, Doom, Quake, Terminal Velociy, Wolf3d, Diablo, etc. Fury 3x.
Re: Which are your favourite/hate missions and weapons in both crusader? General

My favourites :

in No Remorse
Missions: all !
Weapons: PA-21, UV-9
Songs: The Traveler (Main menu), Space (Mission 15) and all the others ! I love No Remorse soundtrack !

in No Regret
Missions: 1
Weapons: UV-9, XP-5
Songs: Phil, Regret

How I discovered Crusader...
With a friend, we lend our games and, one day, he asked to me if I have Crusader... I replied "no"... Some months later, in a supermarket, I saw the EA classic edition of No Remorse and looked the back of the box... When I saw that graphics are isometric 3D, like Little Big Adventure (sold in US as "Twinsen's Adventure"), one of my favourite games, I bought it instantly, and never regret it !
For No Regret, I searched it during 3 years before I found it on Aucland !

That's all folks ! :D
Haha Little Big Adventure is also a cool and funny game.
But it was also very hard..most likely aiming was hard  :D

I had 1 and 2...but then I lost the first one..dont know I think it got lost when I lend it back then.  :-\
Re: Which are your favourite/hate missions and weapons in both crusader? General

yeah, LBA was great. I played and finished both games a few times :)
Re: Which are your favourite/hate missions and weapons in both crusader? General

I have fond memories of LBA, still ranks third in my all-time favourite list of computer games, after the Phantasy Star series on 1 and Crusader on 2. Played a lot of LBA 2 in the past and bought both 1 and 2 through Ebay last year. I finally started playing them in DosBox last month. I love those games (though LBA 1 was new to me and I didn't like the save interface).
Re: Which are your favourite/hate missions and weapons in both crusader? General

lol i'm so drunk, well anyway... Well as for my the most favorite games:

[*]Legend of Kyrandia Series
[*]Wing Commander Series
[*]Space Quest Series
[*]Strike Commander
[*]C&C: Red Alert 1
[*]MechWarrior 2 (and MechWarrior2:Mercenaries)
[*]X-Com series
[*]Dune 2
[*]Crusader Series
[*]Strife (if you haven't played, find this game and play, strongly recommended!) you can read and download it from here - http://www.the-underdogs.info/game.php?id=1075
[*]Heroes of Might and Magic 2
[*]Master of Orion 2
[*]Red Faction 1
[*]Space Rangers 1 and 2 (made by Russian developers, AWESOME GAME, STRONGLY RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE!)
Space rangers 1 - http://www.microapp.com/space-rangers/
Space rangers 2 - http://www.excalibur-publishing.com/space.htm
[*]Dark Forces
[*]KOTOR Series
[*]Fallout Series
[*]7 days a skeptic
[*]Mortal Kombat 3
[*]System Shock Series
[*]Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri
[*]Alone in the Dark 3
[*]Beneath a steel Sky
[*]Star Wars: Jedi Knight Academy
[*]Star Wars Galaxies (before NGE update (MMORPG))
[*]Syndicate Plus
[*]Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
[*]KKND 1
[*]Duke Nukem 3D
[*]Angel Devoid
[*]FX Fighter
[*]Actua Soccer
[*]Corridor 7
[*]Cyberia 1
[*] Maybe something more that I forgot!!!