Which Crusader version do you play?

Do you enjoy Crusader on:

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  • PC

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I know the Saturn version its different, but I just wanted to see how many people use which system. Still today I rock Crusader with my old Saturn  8)
Forgot to put my own choice in there. I only own the PC versions of No Remorse and No Regret as I don't have a Playstation or Saturn to play the respective No Remorse version on.

What exactly are the differences? Are the missions slightly different or have radical changes been made? Different cut-scenes perhaps? I've seen screenshots of gameplay and cutscenes on the web that I haven't seen in the PC version (at least not exactly, for example, a comm transmission from Wizard that had extra frequency information in the screen; or screenshots from in-game play with mechs I've never seen in-game in the PC version). Are those taken perhaps from Playstation or Saturn versions?
I don't know exactly what has changed but I think that it is slightly different than the PC version. They are both the same game but the console version has probably been changed a bit.

As far as I know and how I saw it cutscenes have changed, the maps have been changed a bit "less detail". Sounds and effects have also changed slightly.

And the big thing to notice and probably the main reason I would never play the console version is how the gameplay changed. Movement is much simpler than on the PC and it is more like a run&gun gameplay than the tactical based one on the PC.

The only addition I saw in the console version is the gore, when you shoot someone blood can spit on walls.

But maybe someone who has both versions can tell us all the exact differences between the two.  :)
I personally find the changes to the console version huge. The biggest change is the removal of nearly every video sequence in the rebel base in favor of an "e-mail system", which is basically just transcribed versions of those cutscenes. The graphics are much worse, and there's a few other minor changes.

Here's a gameplay video:

:mask: Crusader on saturn all the way???

talking seriously, the saturn version exceeds the psone version in graphics,loading time, gameplay speed and it doesn?t have the glitch on the psone the one that random change the BG music every time you pause the game
Pretty old topic, I know. I randomnly clicked on this and watched the youtube link. I saw a very nice feature the PC didn't have! If you walk near wall, it gets transparent while you are next to it. I would have loved that in the PC version. It would have made finding secret gates on your blind side a lot easier.