Why don't we open a new forum separately old entiry about old games?

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It would be cool, a separately forum all related with old games such as the one we discussed in my other topic in General Speaking. And of course including crusader topic also that will bring other fans not only crusader fans. Think the posibilities? :) ;). A heaven of the cool classic games era between 95 and 2001 games category. :) Ever made games. :) Jaja.
It's a good idea. Classic games aren't just '95, though... early-'70s where it'd start.
Yes that will be good because we can share ideas, skills, game tips and expirience in that games. ::) And also include nes games and a lot more. Pc games starting with abandomware games such as Lotus, Stunts. Arkanoid, Mortal Kombat, Prince of Persia. Then the actual CD-ROM games: Crusader, Descent, Terminal Velocity, Time Commando, Doom, etc... ::) ;)Sounds great. Adding info and cheats, tricks secrets. I Know an important number of secret bases in Descent II. Not to mention the secrets un Crusader series. This forum will be based on Crusader dough. I mean to create an appart forum or inside this one a section realted to the old school game. hehe.

In this off topic I created you can tell about old kind games, not only crusader, also other games you played in the same yea,r or the first time you played for example Descent I, Doom. How did you play? funny things, bad playing at first, hehe. For expample me. The first time I played crusader was really difficult that I used to play it in Mama's Boy difficulty, and in Descent I as Trainee or Rookie. Lastweek I played descent in ace or hot shot, but I never had the courage of playing it in Insane difficulty or In crusader: in no regret. In fact those two difficulties from different games I used three times but they killed me befor I step into the room. Or in the case of the spaceship the destroy me befor I can shoot. jajajaja. :D :). Ah Good memories. Then Time commando. really difficult at the begining for me. In level 4 the one of middle age wars I couldn't defeat the Armored soldier with the big sword. I had to play that part 4 times jajaja. :)

I think I started to remember that my first pc game wasn't crusader I made a mistake It was Descent I, then Crusader and then Jazz Jackrabbit the green rabbit. These three games were the 3 most first playing games for me. In that order.

I prefer Descent II than the first sequel, because there's no guidebot and you have to learn the mines exits by memory if you don't remember the exit door, you blow your nice ass. And bye bye to your goodies cannons and missles. My favorite missil in Descent II is the Earthshaker and the Smart Missile. My favorite cannons ar Gauss, Helix, Plasma, Phoenix and Omega. Flash missiles and Homing are really usefull. Concusion missiles are useless for me.
My favorites Boss robots are, Level 12, Level 16, Level 20 and 24 the final. Really difficult. 12 isnot too difficult. The most difficult is 24.
In descent 3 my favourite weapons are Microwave, Napalm, Plasma, Electrowave, Omega, Sniper mass ( the one you can aim precisly). Missiles: Black Shark ( this is probably the most impresive missil I ever saw, better than Eartshaker, has the implosion of a death star, really nice animations, and very necesary for cleaning rooms ;) :D), the rest of them are commonly except for the Fragmentary, Cyclone and Napalm which are cool and usefull too.
HMMM the first games i played ??? Wold have to be space quest 1. Excellent adventure game, then starflight when i got my first pc ( 8088 4.77 mhz, monochrome adapter ) LOL... oh and F-19 stealth fighter ooooooooo took about an hour to play 1 mission, but i loved it ! Wing commander 1 was excellent. had to buy a sound blaster for that. $ 125.00. I use to just let the intro run and run and go to sleep with that ! goood memories ! then i played wolf, doom and the like. Tank platoon was a other good one! right now i'm playing UT 99, UT 2004, Quake 1, Transport tycoon deluxe, Need for speed se and Porsche unleashed, Crusader on and off and prison tycoon. but yea it would be nice to have a separate thread for other games... Hope some of you are playing some of these.
I say we post topics about classic games in the Off-topic section for now. If such threads appear popular (if we make more and more of them) then we can always move them to a new sub-forum.
Yeah mostly the most played games for me are (the most I play in several times and years): Descent series, Crusader series, Jazz, Time Commando, Terminal Velocity, Quake I and II, Age Of Empires I and Rise Of Rome, Descent: Freespace I. I couldn't play the II yet, I saw few screenshots and its pretty cool. Better than the first sequel. Duke Nukem 3d. Wolfeinstein 3d.
The Silencer link said:
I say we post topics about classic games in the Off-topic section for now. If such threads appear popular (if we make more and more of them) then we can always move them to a new sub-forum.

I'm agree with The Silencer ! :)
If you want cheat codes, patches and tricks, go to the following page:
www.dlh.net choose the language and enter ( English or German) this site is quite interesting, you have cheats for crusader series and a lot of games more. Descent savegame editors ( with this tool you can edit your save games in descent, for example If you want 65535 mega missils or 65535 Earthshaker missils with this tool you can do it).
Hey do you know where I can post files, not photos, I mean mp3 songs. I recorded 4 songs from Terminal Velocity and I have more from descent 1 and 2. Then I give you the link for sharing. The descent II songs are really great. They used type O negative and Ogre. Descent 1 are mid songs into wav recording.