yo yo BL :d welcome to the boards, have a nice stay.

for those who doesn't know - http://cyberionsystems.com/echosector/index.php?topic=270.0
well ya. Actually me, BlackLightning and some other guy were the modders for Excelcia RPG Modification for freelancer. BL was our main ship modeller. The ships taht you see in his signature were created for that modification and used in the mod.

Check his webby for some old stuff :D - http://home.earthlink.net/~enlight10ment/index.html

and actually this Danrik model on WC CIC is made by him - http://www.wcnews.com/news/update/5595

i hope i didn't reviel any secret information BL :D
you know what?... I have never played wing commander yet. It's incredibly but it's true. May be because I was so concerned with crusaders series that it skipped me away and also Magic Carpet series never played. :eek:  ???.