EA games hit GOG.com

[Image: IFuBl.png]

Update: June 3 From GOG.com’s newsletter comes this image:

[Image: iea_33.jpg]

Original update: Oh boy! GOG.com, a digital distributor focusing on classic PC games, has gained the rights to sell classic EA games on its service. Currently, Wing Commander: Privateer, Dungeon Keeper and both Ultima Underworld games are offered.

What’s more relevant to us is Crusader: No Remorse is next on the release list! That’s right, Crusader will once again be available for purchase! Whoo-hoo! Though we’re not certain when exactly that release will be, CD Projekt, the owners of GOG, have stated it will be released sometime this month.

This is a good day, Crusader fans! We’ll keep you up to date.