Welcome to the new Echo Sector

Greetings Crusaders! Welcome to the all-new Echo Sector website. I’ve been wanting to redo our website for years now, but the attack to our vulnerable, out-dated website by a script kiddie recently kicked me into overdrive. A week later, we have a new website!

To be honest, we developed this iteration of the site in a relatively short period of time. When we were toying around with how to do the new site, we stuck with our initial option of WordPress with a flexible theme from which to work. After a few hours, we liked what we saw. So we decided to keep it.

What can you expect from this new version of Echo Sector?

  • Historical archive

An extensive historical archive which will contain previews, reviews, advertisements, design documents, developer interviews, and concept art—which are just a few of the things you’ll see in our Crusader museum.

I Want You!

  • Revised database

There’s always that tidbit of Crusader information which you forget. Our new database will have detailed information on the games’ enemies, weapons, levels (including walkthroughs), characters, and universe.

  • Tools and resources

This section of the site will have every patch, fan-made tool, technical support, and
extracted game files. Essentially whatever a hardcore Crusader fan will need for diving into Crusader modding, development, or plain-old exploration.

  • New forums

With the new site comes enhanced forum software MyBB. A game’s community is among the most important things to maintaining the vitality of a game series. Crusader fans are passionate, so we felt obligated to offer tools for our community possible.

As of this post, only the forums are at a level which we consider complete. The first three are long-term goals which will take time to implement.

In addition to these new site features, we will have a social media presence in Twitter and Facebook, in case Echo Sector isn’t enough for you. (See to the bottom right for links.)

At this stage of Echo Sector’s life, we are looking for your feedback as to the direction of the site. Design, content, tips—we’ll take any criticism you throw at us. What do you want this site to be? How do you want it maintained?

Thank you for sticking with us so far! We hope the site will help resurrect interest in the Crusader games.