Early No Remorse footage

Courtesy of The University of Texas Video Game Archive, we have located early footage of Crusader: No Remorse. Donated to the videogame museum by Warren Spector, this video shows the state of the game in February 1995, approximately seven months before the final release.

As one would expect, there are many differences from the gameplay showcased in this video than what was in the release of the game. Reduced level architecture, MIDI music, different sound effects, lava, and graphics. What’s particularly fascinating to me is how the cutscenes for the game are apparently already done by February 1995. It seems as if the story was completely fleshed out a long while before the game shipped.

This clip has been archived and will soon be available for download in Echo Sector’s museum. Keep your eyes peeled for a plethora of Crusader art assets directly from the development discs.