DF Retro looks at Origin Systems and Crusader

The YouTube channel Digital Foundry has focused in on Crusader and Origin Systems in its latest “Retro” video series entry. From the description:

This week John explores one of the most important developers in PC gaming history – Origin Systems. From Ultima to Wing Commander, Origin produced a wide variety throughout its existence but today we’re going to focus on the Crusader series. Created by Tony Zurovec, Crusader is an advanced isometric shooter which delivered striking SVGA graphics in a time when most PC games were still 320×200. We also explore its semi-sequel, No Regret, along with the console iterations of the original game.

I am glad someone out there is highlighting how special Crusader is as an action game. It is high-brow in between the nifty death animations and full-motion video cheese.

Take a look at their review here: