Crusader in ScummVM

Crusader: No Remorse is being ported to game engine interpreter ScummVM! It is based on the long-running Ultima VIII project Pentagram, which was recently fully integrated into ScummVM. As part of their news update, the Pentagram folks proclaimed:

We hope that Ultima 8 gets all the love it needs on ScummVM and maybe, just maybe someone decides to take on the Crusader games.

Well, someone did, and that someone is Matthew Duggan, aka stauff. Ultima VIII is now fully playable in ScummVM and the time to shine for Crusader is now! This is an exciting time for Crusader fans, as it will make playing our favorite game the easiest it’s ever been. (Control scheme notwithstanding. Hardy-har-har.)

Matthew is posting regular progress updates in the forum, which I highly suggest following. He is relying on our expertise through this process, so please be sure to provide any help you can!