Crusader and Doom meet in CrusaDoom wad

Two classic games meet in the CrusaDoom wad for Doom II. Straight from the source:

An unofficial sequel to the Crusader duology by Origin Systems that also crosses over Crusader’s universe with Doom’s. CrusaDoom puts you once again in the role of the crimson-clad Silencer, who upon returning from the moon to Earth discovers it ravaged by a demonic invasion. This mod seeks to adapt Crusader’s unique features and art style to Doom’s aesthetic and core gameplay.

Initially intended as a mere meticulous recreation of Crusader: No Remorse’s first map (the Refinery) as a Doom map, the project has been evolving into something different, branching the Crusader series in new directions while remaining as faithful as possible to the ethos of its source material.

Check out the recently-released beta version here:

I’ve long wished that a Crusader modding scene existed, but I’ll gladly take Crusader representation in the most prolific modding scene in history. We may be entering the best time to be a Crusader fan!