Maps / Map from screenshots?


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I was wondering if there were any color maps of all levels or stitched-together screenshots?

I see someone on has scanned the playguides, and those appear to have the maps in black and white.

Those are sufficient for playing and info, of course, but I was just wondering about color versions for backgrounds and posters.
The "Artifacts" section of the website has the strategy guides recompiled from the source design files. For the No Regret one, however, there is a portion of the book that had to be taken from a scanned version as we couldn't get it to compile correctly. Also it's only in black-and-white.

It would be neat if someone went through all of No Regret and made color screenshots.
Great, thank you! I missed the strategy guides. I look forward to checking them out.

That would be neat. I doubt I could complete it, but might take a shot at some of it. Is there an appropriate place to upload raw screenshot resources for later processing into such a file?

And while I'm asking questions, please pardon my ignorance, are there cheats to remove enemies, or a walkthrough/map app - so screenshots don't have dead bodies, scorched floors, and scattered objects? I suppose if it were that easy, it would already be done. :)
Personally, I'd use Google Photos with original file upload enabled.

If someone were to run through the game to get the screens, my guess is they'd have to enable the hack mover (Type jassica16 then press H) and manually delete everything that they wouldn't want in the capture.