Box Content

No Remorse

Topline Newsletter (7MB, PDF)
Resistance Confidential (2MB, PDF)
Anti-Terrorist Site Security (5MB, PDF)
Install Guide (190KB, PDF)
Reference Card (240KB, PDF)
Play Guide (7MB, PDF)
Registration card [coming soon…]
Strategy Guide (44MB, PDF)
Box Art (1.3MB, PNG)

No Regret

Topline Newsletter (22MB, PDF)
Reference Card (2MB, PDF)
Play Guide (16MB, PDF)
Install Guide [coming soon…]
Registration card [coming soon…]
EA catalog [coming soon…]
Prima Strategy Guide (130MB, PDF)

Design Documents
The introduction video for No Remorse had several iterations of the scripts. Here are the first and final drafts. You can see the difference between what the developers envisioned for the introductions sequence for the game.

The below files are internal Electronic Arts and Origin Systems documents circa 1997 provided to Echo Sector by a former employee. These documents are unaltered and show what the future of Crusader hoped to bring. Additionally, several No Regret scripts are included.

Crusader 2 / No Mercy / No Survivors / No Quarter design documents [500KB, ZIP, mirror]

Art Assets
These CD image files are rips from source art discs made during the development of No Remorse and No Regret. Be wary that the game’s art was developed on Macintosh computers, so most of the files are unviewable in modern Windows environments without conversion of file formats or viewing them in their native operating system with the correct legacy versions of the software (Photoshop and QuarkXPress). File descriptions are coming soon.

Find the art assets on

Note: Please reach out to me if you have the resources to easily export and view all content of these discs in modern OS environments.