Note: These patches are unnecessary for the Crusader: No Remorse GoldCrusader Collection,, and Origin editions of the game.

Crusader: No Remorse 1.21 patch (2.8MB, ZIP, mirror) — The 1.21 patch for Crusader: No Remorse.
Crusader: No Remorse sound patch (23KB, ZIP, mirror) — A sound patch that adds support for Ensoniq and Gravis Ultra Sound sound cards.


Crusader: No Remorse demo (50MB, ZIP, mirror) — Demo for Crusader: No Remorse released in October 1995.
Crusader: No Regret demo (18MB, ZIP, mirror) — Demo for Crusader: No Regret released in October 1996.


Crusader Explorer (330KB, RAR, mirror) — Tool for opening Crusader *.FLX files. Useful for extracting graphics sprites.