The below cutscene videos were extracted by community members Candy and JC Denton. Their decoding efforts present the movies with native resolution in a deinterlaced format. You may download the converted files individually or in packaged archives.

Transcriptions come directly from the game’s data files with minor editing.

No Remorse

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No Remorse Movie Collection (150MB, .zip)

01A.AVI – Mission 1 Maxis – Download AVI

First, let me say welcome to the Resistance, Captain.
I’m sure you realize that Central thinks you’re a spy.
but I’ve reviewed your tapes and I think I understand you.
Enough so that I’ve persuaded Central to give you a chance.
One shot, to prove your sudden change of heart.
You will lead an attack to take a Consortium refinery off-line,
An informant will provide you with a security card
that will allow you entrance into the facility.
Your main objective is the thermal coupler on level 4.
Once you have placed the PAC, our extraction specialist
will give you the coordinates of the nearest teleport pad.
Consult your DataLink if you have any further questions.
Good luck. Maxis, out.

01B.AVI – Mission 1 Wilmar – Download AVI

Here’s a security card to get you past level three.
Watch out on level four though, there are a lot of Mechs.
Tell Central to find someone else to handle the meetings.
I’m jeopardizing my cover by being here.
I’m just a scientist.
People are getting suspicious back at the lab.
Hurry! The guards are coming!

01C.AVI – Mission 1 Wizard – Download AVI

Mission accomplished. Nice job, Tin Man!
I’m the Wizard, with your ticket out of here.
Fire up your servos and get to the teleport pad on level 4.
I had to rewire transport grids for three whole Sectors.
I can’t guarantee if I’ll be able to hold it for long.
So you’d best be quick. Wizard, out.

01D.AVI – Mission 1 Draygan/Snell/Hoffman – Download AVI

The Vigilance Program is a very risky proposition.
Even for something as admirable as
helping to rid us of the Resistance nuisance.
Politics is a risky business, Senator Snell.
You shouldn’t be in it if you don’t want to take chances.
Besides, everything is already in place.
Once the public sees the significant… breakthroughs
that the Vigilance Program can provide, Mr. Chairman,
I’m certain that no one will object to keeping the, uh…
Status quo, Doctor? Exactly.
And once the Resistance has been crushed, who would not
vote for the visionary leaders who brought world peace?
Make sure that the other Senators approve the funding,
and I’ll see that Vigilance’s first use targets
your concerns.
Providing, of course, that Doctor Hoffman’s experiments
prove more successful than some of his others…

01E.AVI – Rebel Base News 1 – Download AVI

The Resistance firebombed an Allotment Center in Sector A-17.
Thousands of innocent Citizens will have no food for weeks.
Firefighters are struggling to put out the blaze.
There has been no word yet on the number of casualties.
Officials speculate that several hundred were killed in the attack.

02B.AVI – Rebel Base Ely 1 – Download AVI

I’m Colonel Ely, and this is my base.
Listen, Captain, I’m gonna level with you.
I don’t like this arrangement any more than my troops do.
They may not look like much, but they’re a great team.
And, I won’t accept anything that compromises my team.
You’ll be quartered down the hall from here.
It’s not like what you’re used to,
but we have to make do with whatever we can get.
Settle in quickly. We lost Philadelphia last night,
and the next push is going to be in our Sector.

02C.AVI – Rebel Base Tax-Man 1 – Download AVI

So much for the loving welcome, right, Captain?
They’ll come around. They did for me. Most of them did.
I’m, Derrich Andrews, Private in the Resistance.
Formerly of the WEC’s Revenue Assessment Division.
For obvious reasons, most of the others call me Tax Man.
Let me say it’s a pleasure meeting
a soldier of your caliber, sir.
Welcome aboard.

02D.AVI – Rebel Base Brooks 1 – Download AVI

I don’t know who you are, but I know what you are.
So I’m only gonna say this once.
You stay clear of me.
I don’t want anything to do with Consortium scum like you.

02E.AVI – Rebel Base Yo-Yo 1 – Download AVI

You’re in the wrong place for a friendly drink.
You won’t find one here.
I’m Cardova. They call me Yo-Yo.
You can’t. All you need to know about me is
that I don’t care if you are in the special forces.
You bleed just like all the rest.
I should know…
I’ve killed enough of your kind to find out.

02F.AVI – Rebel Base Ely 2 – Download AVI

Resistance over in Sector H-37 got hit this morning
by a full battalion of WEC troopers and Mechs.
Word has it all the survivors from this morning’s raid
are being held for interrogation and … experimentation.
Andrews is up for Insertion Reconnaissance.
The rest of the job falls to you, Captain.
Once Andrews confirms the coordinates, free the prisoners.
After you’ve freed the prisoners,
Corporal Reaves will give you the extraction coordinates.
Consult your DataLink if you have any further questions.
We’re counting on you, Captain. Good luck.

02G.AVI – Mission 2 Tax-Man – Download AVI

Insertion coordinates verified, Captain.
You’ll be dropping in the middle of maximum security zone.
Presence of … Presence of enemy troops detected.
Scanners show security grids, but I can’t access them.
It’s the best I can do, Sir, good luck. Andrews, out.

02H.AVI – Mission 2 Hoffman – Download AVI

Should I send a thank you note to the Resistance for
their contribution to our work on the mind probe, Doyle?
Wait, you’re not Doyle. Where’s Doyle?
I’ll have his head for allowing you in here to distract me.
Get out at once! Oh, I see it now.
You’re part of the Resistance, aren’t you?
If you’ve come for the prisoners, take them.
You see they’ll be of no use to anyone now.
Take them back to your pitiful comrades
as a promise of the future from Doctor Gregor Hoffman.

02I.AVI – Mission 2 Wizard – Download AVI

We’re jazzin’ now, Tin Man.
I’ve established a link to a jump pad near
the prisoners, but the Consortium is hot on my tail.
I’ve got a real limited set of cross-relays this time.
Too little, and you aren’t leaving. Too much, and you fry.
Spring the prisoners fast. I’ll stay on as long as I can.

02J.AVI – Mission 2 Vargas – Download AVI

You’re not going to shoot me? You must be with Central then.
If you’re here to rescue me, let’s get the hell out of here.
More guards are bound to show up soon.
Oh, by the way, nice idea to use the Silencer suit.
You really had me worried…

02K.AVI – Rebel Base News 2 – Download AVI

Today the Resistance was struck a blow as they attempted
to halt the production of vital medecines
needed to stop an outbreak of Strebor Disease.
Twelve rebels were killed, and damage to the labs was heavy.
We have been assured that the work has only been slowed.

03A.AVI – Rebel Base Brooks 2 – Download AVI

Heard you botched the job, Captain. What happened?
You get sloppy? Or did it go exactly like you planned, hm?

03C.AVI – Rebel Base Vargas 1 – Download AVI

We haven’t been formally introduced, Captain.
Though after our first meeting, that’s hardly surprising.
I’m Major Jo Anne Vargas.
I don’t know how you got past the Doctor and his guards,
but I hope he’s on a slow shuttle to hell right now.
Anyway, thanks for getting me out of there.
And, even if no one else believes you,
I know that you could not have saved the others.
To be honest, once Hoffman was done with them,
there wasn’t that much left to save anyway.

03D.AVI – Rebel Base Wizard 1 – Download AVI

Glad to see that you’re still in one piece, Tin Man.
My name’s Troy Reaves. Most folks here call me Wizard,
’cause I spend my time out-running Consortium gadget jockeys.
I’m what they call an extraction specialist.
I’m the one who’s responsible for bringing you back…
You might say your life rests in my hands. Remember that.

03E.AVI – Rebel Base Tax-Man 2 – Download AVI

Hello Captain.
I`m sorry about your last mission.
I`m sure you did everything you could.
Don`t worry about Reaves and Cardova. You can trust them.

03F.AVI – Rebel Base Ely 3 – Download AVI

The Resistance lost a lot of good people in that prison.
You’re lucky that Major Vargas’ report to Central
cleared you of any complicity in the death of the others.
But that won’t change some of the opinions around here.
While Reaves was waiting for you, he went skating their nets.
It seems that one of the WEC’s new Mechs is being developed
at an industrial complex near here.
Central would very much like to see the specs for it.
Cardova will handle the Insertion Reconnaissance.
After Reaves has the data, he’ll power up the teleport pad.
I hope you have better luck this time. Dismissed, Captain.

03G.AVI – Mission 3 Yo-Yo – Download AVI

Good news and bad news, Trooper.
The good news is that insertion coordinates are confirmed.
Bad news is that there’s more security than I’ve ever seen.
Almost smells like a set up. Anyway, it’s up to you now.
Let’s see if you can pull this one off.
Cardova, out.

03H.AVI – Mission 3 Wizard 1 – Download AVI

What took you so long? I was getting tired of waiting on you.
Receiving the file now.
Wait, I’m losing signal strength!
All right! Switching filters to patch in an amplifier…
And… that’s it!
File transfer complete.
You might have a future in this business after all, Tin Man.
I don’t know what that was, but you’d better get out of there.
Could mean that the sniffers have locked on to your position.
So hot foot it to the jump pad…
on level 1. If you don’t get there fast, you’re a pedestrian.

03I.AVI – Mission 3 Wizard 2 – Download AVI

What’s going on, Tin Man? Where’s the file?
No clue what happened, but without the files, we’re history.
Just like you. No data, no extraction, Tin Man. Wizard, out.

03J.AVI – Rebel Base News 3 – Download AVI

In a press release issued from the WEC information bureau,
the Consortium is proud that the Senate unanimously voted
in favor of Chairman Draygan’s Zero Tolerance policy.
Give up, rebels, there’s nowhere to hide now.
Back to you, Trina…

04A.AVI – Rebel Base Maxis 1 – Download AVI

Upon analyzing the reports on your unit’s last mission,
Central believes that it was more difficult than it should have been.
While it is possible that your attack just happened
to coincide with a random Consortium security upgrade.
It’s also possible that information was leaked to the enemy.
Until we can determine exactly what happened, stay alert
and notify Central of anything out of the ordinary.

04B.AVI – Rebel Base Vargas 2 – Download AVI

Welcome back, Captain.
Heard you ran into a bit of trouble on your last mission.
Don’t worry … happens to the best of us.
By the way, looks like I’ll be sticking around for a while.
Central has assigned me to this unit for
unspecified duty of unspecified duration.
Sounds like administrative work to me.
Oh well, beats the Consortiums hospitality.
More opportunity for advancement than what
Doctor Hoffman had planned for me, as well.

04C.AVI – Rebel Base Tax-Man 3 – Download AVI

Hello Captain.
When I really was a Tax Man I spent most of my life
hearing that the Consortium represented the greater good.
Now here I am, stuck in the same unit with Shannon Brooks,
Resistance Sergeant Extraordinaire.
She gave me this rabbit’s foot my first day of training.
Said I could use all the help I could get.
She’s as bad as anyone in the Revenue Assessment Division.
I’ve fought with her for a year now, but she still treats me
like a Consortium slug. I could almost blame her, too.
I heard she lost most of her family when the Consortium
flattened Petra for declaring independence from the WEC.

04D.AVI – Rebel Base Brooks 3 – Download AVI

What’s a nice Consortium soldier doing in a place like this?
I don’t know whether to salute you,
or shoot you.
I grew up in the Resistance. I’ve watched better people
die for a better cause than the one you blindly follow.
Or is that followed? Hard to tell, isn’t it?
But I’ll find out soon enough, trust me.
And just remember, to me
the only good trooper is a dead trooper.
You slip up just once and, I’ll see you’re a good trooper.
Now get outta my sight and let me drink in peace.

04E.AVI – Rebel Base Ely 4 – Download AVI

Good work on that last mission, Captain.
Maybe General Maxis was right about you, after all.
Here’s the latest situation.
The WEC has several sympathetic cities locked down tight.
Starving the civilians along with the rebels.
Thousands in Geneva will starve if our shipment is blocked.
The public thinks we’re shipping in weapons. Newscasters!
They blindly report whatever the government tells them.
We need to get the food past the WEC blockade.
You are to sabotage one of their monitoring stations.
Andrews will be your Insertion Reconnaissance man.
Once you’re inside, locate and destroy the central
communications array before our convoy starts to rollin`.
Consult your DataLink to locate the receiving array.
Place the Blast PAC, then Reaves will give you coordinates.

04F.AVI – Mission 4 Tax-Man – Download AVI

Proceeding as planned, Captain. When the screen goes down,
security will be alerted to your presence. You’ll only have
a few minutes to load the explosives. I hope you run fast.
Down to the last wire, Captain. Get set …
Troopers everywhere! We’ve been set up. There’s no way
I’m gonna be able to make it out of here, Captain!
I’m taking the screen out now …

04G.AVI – Mission 4 Wizard – Download AVI

Things haven’t been this hot since that mission in Madrid!
Get to the nearest jump pad, Tin Man! I’m doing what I can…
I’ve got multiple sniffers snapping at my heels! Wait!
Oh no… Damn it…Come on baby, come on baby…
That was too close!
I backfed their com signals into their power grid.
Should send `em enough static for our relays to hold.
Put your thrusters in it, you’re on a sinking ship!
Get to the pad on level 4 fast! I’m trying to outrun
the entire Consortium gadget brigade. Wizard, out!

04H.AVI – Rebel Base News 4 – Download AVI

Chairman Draygan raised the reward for children who
turn their parents in for crimes against the state.
The bounty rate jumped from 100 to 150 credits,
and additional gifts for other family members turned in.
Many Senators feel the measure is an excessive expense.
The Chairman stated that it is cheaper to ferret out
criminals before they commit crimes. Way to go, Mr. Chairman!

05A.AVI – Rebel Base Ely 5 – Download AVI

Welcome back, Captain. I thought we’d lost you on that one.
I’m glad to see that we didn’t. Thanks to you, the WEC
monitoring station should stay inoperative for several weeks.
Plenty of time for us to get food into the people of Geneva,
and other Resistance cities like it worldwide. Good job.
I know there was nothing you could have done to save Andrews,
Captain, but the others… They may be less understanding.

05B.AVI – Rebel Base Ely 6 – Download AVI

So you couldn’t take the heat, could you, Captain?
You decided to pull out before the mission was complete!
Because of your lack of resolve, Andrews died in vain!
All of this because you took your tail between your legs!
Let me make sure you understand me this time, soldier.
If you disobey one of my orders again, I’ll make sure,
I’ll make damn sure that you’re transferred!
Do I make myself clear? Now get out of my sight!

05C.AVI – Rebel Base Yo-Yo 2 – Download AVI

You know what I’m always going to remember about Andrews?
Once I took some shrapnel, couldn’t walk.
I kept tellin’ him to leave me, but he wouldn’t.
You know he dragged me all the way to the jump pad?
Wizard pulled us out two seconds before that place was slag.
The Tax Man’s heart was in the right place, that’s for sure.
If I find out that you had anything to do with his death,
I’m gonna hurt you real bad…
That`s a fact.

05D.AVI – Rebel Base Brooks 4 – Download AVI

The Resistance can’t afford many more allies like you.
I’m watching you. And I’m waiting.
I can be real patient when I have to be.
I’ll wait extra long just to catch you selling us out.
That’s a promise…

05E.AVI – Rebel Base Ely 7 – Download AVI

General Maxis assures me that you’re the one for this job.
Our recent troubles have prompted us to keep this one secret.
It’s a solo job. Only you will know the true objectives.
We’ve learned about a new WEC encryption chip called Cypher.
All our attempts, to decipher communiques encoded
by this chip have met with failure.
However, Intelligence has located the scientific institute
where the WEC manufacture these chips.
An operative will give you an access card to gain entry.
You are to locate the plans for the Cypher chip
and upload them to Corporal Reaves…
I shall be standing over to keep his curiosity at bay.
Once we have the plans, we will set up an extraction point.
If you have any further questions, consult your DataLink.

05F.AVI – Mission 5 Wilmar – Download AVI

You again! Do you know what I had to do to get this card?
Here, take it! Take it!
Get it away from me! Whatever you do, don’t lose it.
I absolutely refuse to get you another.
I don’t care what Maxis says.
Why am I doing this? I’m just a scientist.
This is going to kill me! They won’t even have to shoot me.
I’ll have a heart attack. I’m starting to feel faint already.
Go on, get out of here, before someone sees us here together!

05G.AVI – Mission 5 Wizard/Ely – Download AVI

Standing by to receive your data, Tin Man.
Signal located. I do know how to do my job.
Transmission beginning… I’ll bet Yo-Yo is behind this.
Because I confused the coordinates during his last mission
and dumped him in the waste reclamation tank…
Confirming partial data receipt… Data received, Colonel.
There, are you happy now? All right, all right!
Confirmed your location. Commencing cross-linking on my mark.
Mark. Teleport pad commandeered.
Send to Tin Man, access to the nearest teleport pad
for immediate extraction.
Wizard, out.

05H.AVI – Rebel Base News 5 – Download AVI

More good news concerning the economy.
The Revenue Assessment Division announced that the world GNP
has grown by 74% this year. Though the average Citizen
cannot expect to receive dividends for years to come due to
increased military commitment against the Resistance,
this upswing in the economy will help offset the new taxes
being debated in Congress. Remember, you’re not a Citizen
of the World Economic Consortium, you’re a stock holder!

06A.AVI – Rebel Base Maxis 2 – Download AVI

The Consortium was tipped off about the raid on the center.
Our sensors detected a brief burst of electronic activity,
now determined to be a high-speed encrypted message,
only minutes before your insertion into the area.
The message was so short that we couldn’t get a fix on it.
We are getting much closer to breaking the Cypher chip.
Our one advantage in doing so relies on our ability to
keep them from learning that we can decipher their messages.
It is imperative that you discover the identity
of the Consortium mole. Maxis, out.

06B.AVI – Rebel Base Vargas 3 – Download AVI

I heard about what happened to the communications center.
I’m sorry.
It’s really hard to lose good people…
There`s talk that it was a set up,
but nobody seems to be considering the possibility that
maybe the leak isn’t here at the base.
What if the Consortium has a mole deep inside Central?
Where would we be then?

06D.AVI – Rebel Base Wizard 2 – Download AVI

You know, the more I think about it, Tin Man,
the more I’ve got to wonder why all the secrecy on that last mission.
Why did the Colonel come in and give me such grief?
Usually it’s the Sergeant looking over my shoulder.
But at least she lets me do my work my way…
Makes you wonder who you can trust.

06E.AVI – Rebel Base Ely 8 – Download AVI

The WEC is stockpiling large amounts of nerve gas, with
which they intend to eradicate the Resistance in our Sector.
Thousands of innocent Civilians will die as well.
According to the analysis of the data from the last missions,
Senator Snell knows the location of this stockpile.
It’s up to you to escort the Senator out of that nice,
safe, government complex he’s holed up in, and
bring him to the high-tech comforts that we have to offer.
Brooks will handle the Insertion Reconnaissance on this one.
Once you’ve got the Senator, Reaves will arrange extraction.
Consult your DataLink, if you have any further questions.

06F.AVI – Mission 6 Brooks – Download AVI

Insertion coordinates verified. Directly into target complex.
Snell’s presence on level two verified.
One more thing – I’m gonna be monitoring everything you do.
Brooks, out.

06G.AVI – Mission 6 Snell 1 – Download AVI

I suppose you’re the one I’ve been hearing rumors about.
Gone to the Resistance, or something like that, I believe?
I don’t suppose you’d care to negotiate about this.
They must pay you a lot to turn you against the Consortium.
But name a figure. I can afford it.
Come on, name your price and you can walk out of here,
do whatever you want. Buy yourself a seat on the Senate.
Or maybe a quiet position as a
corporate CEO somewhere exotic…

06H.AVI – Mission 6 Wizard – Download AVI

He could talk an old man out of his dentures, couldn’t he?
The Wizard’s here to help. Shove the Senator onto that
teleport pad and he’s Central’s problem, not ours.
Wizard, out.

06I.AVI – Mission 6 Snell 2 – Download AVI

Fine, I’ll go along with you, if I must.
But I can promise you I’ll be out within a matter of days.
But you know who they’ll blame for that, Silencer?

06J.AVI – Rebel Base News 6 – Download AVI

The Department of Global Health and Education announced that
construction of the John Enders Orbital Facility is complete.
Once it is fully on-line, this laboratory will be used
to test new serums used to combat virulent diseases.
According to Dr. Beal, supervisor of the Department
of Global Health and Education, the orbital platform makes
an excellent quarantine facility. What a wonderful way of
advancing the welfare of Citizens everywhere.
Back to you, Josh…

07A.AVI – Rebel Base News 6 – Download AVI

We detected another message while you were on your mission.
Its point of origin was somewhere within your base.
We are still unable to determine the termination point.
Hoping to find the equipment used to send the message,
I dispatched a Security team to do a sweep of your base.
Unfortunately, they were unable to come up with anything.
Keep looking, Captain. It’s only a matter of time before
our quarry gets complacent and slips up. Maxis, out.

07B.AVI – Rebel Base Vargas 4 – Download AVI

And here I thought administrative work would be boring.
But I’ll tell you, it never seems to be boring around here.
While you were on your mission, Central sent a Security team
to scan the entire base. And they never said word one about
why they were here, either.
But whatever they were looking for, they didn’t find it.
I really hate being kept outside the loop.

07C.AVI – Rebel Base Wizard 3 – Download AVI

Sorry about the problems at the end of the last mission.
The Colonel insisted I bring you straight back here.
Just do as you’re told, Wizard. Thank you very much.
I’d complain. You’re entitled to a little R and R.
Don’t think I didn’t warn him that sniffers were on my trail.
They grabbed your signal. But there was never a sniffer
who could re-weave electrons faster than me.
I pulled you back in before they knew what was going on.
Am I the “extraction specialist” or what?

07D.AVI – Rebel Base Ely 9 – Download AVI

We’ll be making a preemptive strike on the WEC stockpile
of nerve gas this time, Captain. Reaves will insert you
you into the main storage facility with a Fusion PAC.
Plant it on the containment unit, and everything will blow.
Our scientists assure us that the ensuing fireball will
totally combust the toxin, rendering it harmless.
However, we won’t detonate the PAC until all our units
have evacuated the area.
They’ll assume that Snell has talked. They expect us.
We get one shot at this, Captain. Make it count.

07E.AVI – Mission 7 Wizard – Download AVI

We’re in trouble! They’ve figured out my hocus pocus.
They’ve cut the access lines to almost all jump pads.
I’ve managed to convince them that your insertion jump pad`s
already been taken care of. I’m juicing it now.
The Colonel has sent the Fall Back signal to our troops.
It’s all I can do. Get over there now! Wizard, out.

07F.AVI – Rebel Base News 7 – Download AVI

Though many citizens have reported seeing a bright flash
in the vicinity of Powell Military Base, the government
has issued a statement that nothing serious happened.
Early reports by alarmists claiming to have witnessed a
small mushroom cloud over the base were wholly inaccurate,
as our spokesperson has confirmed that it was actually
the remnants of the fireworks display the base was hosting
to celebrate recent Consortium victories over the Resistance.
Unfortunately, due to a small accident, the base will be
closed to the public for the next two years.

08A.AVI – Rebel Base Maxis 3 – Download AVI

Congratulations on a job well done, Captain.
Countless Citizens unknowingly owe their lives to you.
I hear that there were complications during your extraction.
We have been unable to determine if this was coincidence,
or more work from your unit’s spy. If it was,
he’s learned to vary the signal to evade detection.
You should know that Senator Snell escaped last night.
We have not yet determined the circumstances of his release.
However, before he left our hospitality,
the Senator informed us that the Consortium is building
some sort of orbiting weapons platform.
We have no facts beyond that, but we’re checking into it.
Maxis, out.

08B.AVI – Rebel Base Yo-Yo 3 – Download AVI

I suppose I should thank you, Captain.
I might even let you call me Yo-Yo.
Your soiree last night earned me back Corporal status.
You Consortium folks really know how to party.
That was the biggest explosion I’ve ever seen in my life.
Why, I think I even saw Sergeant Brooks smile.
Don’t tell her I told you. I might end up back as Private.
if you know what I mean.

08C.AVI – Rebel Base Wizard 4 – Download AVI

I’m glad you made it out of there, Tin Man. I really am.
I have no idea what gave those Troopers the idea to cut
their jump pads off from their power grid. I mean,
they went-up with their own nerve gas. They couldn’t get out.
I don’t know, maybe it was standing orders or something…

08D.AVI – Rebel Base Ely 10 – Download AVI

One of our informants, a research scientist working out of
the WEC’s armor and weapons division, has been discovered.
He’s in maximum security detainment, pending execution.
His termination is delayed until he finishes his project.
He’s fed us invaluable information for a number of years
and you are to expedite his immediate release.
This is your assignment because you’ve already met the man.
Once you have located Prof. Willmar, and his invention,
Reaves will contact you with extraction coordinates.
If you have any further questions, consult you DataLink.
Dismissed, Captain.

08E.AVI – Mission 8 Wilmar – Download AVI

You again?
What have I done to deserve this? What?!
Central put me in here! So what are you here for now?
To watch the execution as well? Or could it be …
at last, that Maxis finally believes me when I tell him
that I can’t be a spy? He should leave that up to you.
Be sure to get the prototype, and we can be on our way…

08F.AVI – Mission 8 Wizard 1 – Download AVI

Stand by, Tin Man. This one’s gonna take me a few seconds.
It’s on a classified hub and I need to re-route my power
or I’ll set off alarms from here to Houston. Oh, damn,
the net just went down! All right, hang on,
while I switch over to another grid…
Okay, that should do it.
Send the Professor through. Wizard, out.

08H.AVI – Mission 8 Wizard 2 – Download AVI

That’s never happened before. Abort jump, Tin Man.
Something’s wrong. You’ve got to get out of there right now!
All right, I cannot extract you at this pad.
Teleport pad compromised. Do NOT attempt to teleport.
I’m re-wiring the communications grid right now.
Proceed to the other jump pad on Level 3! Wizard, out.

08I.AVI – Mission 8 Draygan/Snell – Download AVI

I trust the rebels didn’t injure you too severely, Senator.
What could I do, Mr. Chairman? How could anyone…
one man, have walked through WEC security like that?
We all have our lack of foresight, Senator.
And you have been under a great deal of strain recently.
The destruction of the stockpile will mean a delay in the
Resistance’s demise. No doubt the World Congress
will be looking for someone to pin the blame on.
I understand, Chairman. That’s very considerate of you…
Oh, just one moment, Senator. It’s six o’clock,
and I never miss the WorldView headlines.
We must keep abreast of the news, you know.
In an attack aimed at derailing the efforts of the Enders
Orbital Facility, Resistance forces seized control of the
Farpark Data Processing Center.
But WEC forces acted quickly, and the facility was retaken
after a bloody skirmish in which all the rebels were killed.
The only confirmed casualty was Senator Snell, who was
there on a fact-finding tour.
What are they talking about? I don’t understand…
I don’t know where they got their information. I’ve never
heard of the Farpark Center! And I am certainly not…
Wait! You told me you would recommend early retirement!
Oh, but I already have, Senator.
Yes, we all have our lack of foresight. Mine was
in thinking that you were competent. Fortunately,
once our true weapon comes on-line, I can deal with the
Resistance once and for all. And move on.
But, for now, you’re retired…

08J.AVI – Rebel Base News 8 – Download AVI

In an attack aimed at derailing the efforts of the Enders
Orbital Facility, Resistance forces seized control of the
Farpark Data Processing Center.
But WEC forces acted quickly, and the facility was retaken
after a bloody skirmish in which all the rebels were killed.
The only confirmed casualty was Senator Snell, who was
there on a fact-finding tour.

09A.AVI – Rebel Base Vargas 5 – Download AVI

Professor Willmar’s death was tragic,
a poor death for someone who was such an asset to our cause.
Reaves swears that Consortium Operatives pulled the signal
from him, but it could have been a well-planned accident.
Ely has ordered complete diagnostics on the equipment.
We don’t need any more problems like this in the future.

09B.AVI – Rebel Base Brooks 5 – Download AVI

Another convenient accident?
Did you reset the filter after Wizard started the beam?
Next mission I draw with you
I’m gonna make damn sure you teleport out first.

09C.AVI – Rebel Base Wizard 5 – Download AVI

I can’t figure it out. I slid through their access gates.
Rerouted to the classified hub, signal was good.
Then suddenly it… wasn’t there.
Diagnostics showed his pattern in the buffer clean.
The Colonel wants another grid-out diagnostic, but…
I’m telling you… it didn’t happen on my end.

09D.AVI – Rebel Base Ely 11 – Download AVI

According to one of our operatives, Draygan has arranged
a private meeting with a group of his key Senators tonight.
Central believes that they discuss the new WEC super weapon.
You are to infiltrate the complex where this meeting is to
take place and listen in on their meeting.
Remember, Captain, this is strictly an espionage mission.
If any alarms are raised, we may have to abort the mission.
Reaves will arrange your extraction after their meeting.
If you have any further questions, consult your DataLink.
Good luck, Captain.

09E.AVI – Mission 9 Draygan – Download AVI

Good evening, Senators. Things are progressing faster
than I thought with the offensive potential of the
Vigilance Platform. It should be fully operational
within days. But before that happens,
I need a list of cities in your districts that aid
the Resistance. Petra’s fate during our
initial field test will make them capitulate quickly.
In return for your support on this venture,
each of you may also designate
a political target for the satellites.
As the world awaits the fate of the cities on your list,
your rivals shall be eliminated as they leave their homes.
Not only will the Platform make our constituents
cooperate, it will also secure our rightful
position within the new order.
The world will remember you all as visionaries
leading the way to peace and stability. I salute you,
the backbone of the Consortium. Draygan, out.

09F.AVI – Mission 9 Wizard – Download AVI

Time to go, Tin Man.
Teleport link still established to insertion pad.
In fact, it’s almost too quiet.
Not a sniffer on the grid anywhere.
I think you’d better jump while you can. Wizard, out.

09G.AVI – Rebel Base News 9 – Download AVI

In an unprecedented move, today heavily-armed rebel factions
wrested Kiev from Consortium forces after a bloody,
Six-hour battle. The Senate responded by immediately drafting
a proposal to increase military spending in order to be able
to adequately deal with the Resistance threat. Back to Josh.

10A.AVI – Rebel Base Vargas 6 – Download AVI

I’m glad you made it back, Captain.
While you were on your last mission,
the Colonel decided that he would fill in.
Sergeant Brooks made it back,
but we never got an extraction transmission from the Colonel.
Reaves maintains a monitor for his bio-signal,
but we have to assume that he is an MIA.
I contacted Central, and I am in command.
We will soon find out what happened.

10B.AVI – Rebel Base Brooks 6 – Download AVI

Why are you here ? To gloat?
There wasn’t anything I could have done to save the Colonel.
One second everything is clear. Then it isn’t.
Shots are whistling by so fast.
Dammit, they had to have been waiting for us!

10D.AVI – Rebel Base Vargas 7 – Download AVI

Central has another mission for us, Captain.
An informer has confirmed the location of a new weapon
Draygan plans to use in his Zero Tolerance program.
No identification of the weapon, just its location.
Cardova will do Insertion Reconnaissance for you,
and Reaves will teleport you in.
You are to locate any information you can.
You are authorized to destruct any prototypes.
Once you have the data, Reaves will arrange the rest.
If you need to know anything else, check your DataLink.

10E.AVI – Mission 10 Hoffman 1 – Download AVI

So, the prodigal son returns home,
is that it?
Look around you Silencer.
The makings of an entire Consortium army…
all without your fatal flaw.
And this is only part of what you can look forward to.
But it’s not too late to return to the fold, you know.
I’m certain that Chairman Draygan will approve
your early retirement.
The Consortium never forgets those who serve them.

10F.AVI – Mission 10 Hoffman 2 – Download AVI

How the world will mourn the death…
of Dr. Gregor Hoffman!

10G.AVI – Mission 10 Wizard – Download AVI

Locked onto you, Tin Man, five by five.
Received your data files and sent them to Central.
I have accessed the jump pad on… level three.
It’s all juiced and ready to go whenever you are.
Maxis sends: Destruction of all prototypes imperative.
Wizard, out.

10H.AVI – Rebel Base News 10 – Download AVI

Today the world was rocked by the assassination of
Doctor Gregor Hoffman, founder of the Chernobyl Panel,
and inventor of the Embryotic Rescue process.
He was gunned down as he worked
in the Critical Care unit of a hospital.
A fine example of Resistance’s regard for humanity.
Back to you, Trina…

11A.AVI – Rebel Base Vargas 8 – Download AVI

I’ll brief you on the latest developments myself.
While you were out, I did my own sweep of the base.
I found a Consortium ComLink hidden in Brooks’ gear.
When I confronted her about it, she jumped me.
She teleported out before I could lock down the base.
I was suspicious of a hate so deep, so loud…
If I had acted on my hunch quicker,
maybe Colonel Ely would still be here.

11B.AVI – Rebel Base Maxis 4 – Download AVI

I received your inquiry concerning your origins.
We have searched all Consortium source files
that we have access to, as well as all data bases,
concerning the info’s you found in Dr.Hoffman’s lab.
As of yet, we have found nothing to prove
that you were genetically engineered.
It could be that this experiment was implemented
after your service with the Consortium began.
I shall notify you if we learn anything further.
Keep up the good work, Captain.
Maxis, out.

11D.AVI – Rebel Base Wizard 6 – Download AVI

So the Sergeant was a spy.
But maybe this means that our luck will change now.
We need all the good luck we can get.
Between you and me, Tin Man,
I hope Central sends a replacement for Major Vargas.
She’s a good enough officer, but she seems rather…
preoccupied lately, you know?

011E.AVI – Rebel Base Vargas 9 – Download AVI

The good news just keeps on coming, Captain.
Central has finally broken that Cypher chip.
Our worst fears have been confirmed.
Consortium has almost completed an orbital platform
that controls strategically placed weapons satellites.
The plans for the Platform and a list of target cities
are being kept at the Kimball Security Facility.
Cardova’s team will take out the teleport screen.
An informant will give you an access card for the level
where the plans are being kept.
Reaves downloads the plans, then he’ll extract you.
Good luck, Captain.

011F.AVI – Mission 11 Yo-Yo – Download AVI

Bad news. I think someone waxed your informant.
I made contact with him, but the link went dead.
Wizard says no time to try an alternate jump pad.
Be prepared. Good luck. Yo-Yo, out.

11G.AVI – Mission 11 Wizard – Download AVI

Trouble! I’m one step ahead of a team of sniffers.
So make tracks to the jump pad on … level four.
Sorry, it’s the best I can do. Wizard, out.

11H.AVI – Rebel Base News 11 – Download AVI

Good news for those with friends and relatives living
on Orbital Industrial Platforms. The Department of
Global Communications lowered the rates for e-mail
destined to those distant complexes. The cost for a
message to orbiting facilities will only be 34 credits.
What a savings! Back to you, Josh…

12A.AVI – Rebel Base Maxis 5 – Download AVI

Excellent work on that last mission, Captain.
The schematics help us find a weakness in their plans,
or help us sway the leadership of the cities
that were on Draygan’s hit list.
Central confirmed that security was stepped up shortly
before your insertion. We have been unable to determine
if this was because of information by Sergeant Brooks,
or whether there is still a leak within your unit.
Continue assuming that security has been breached.
Maxis, out.

12B.AVI – Rebel Base Yo-Yo 4 – Download AVI

I tell you they were waiting on us! Damn the Sergeant!
She must have tipped them.
I nearly got killed out there because of her,
I hope I get the chance to meet up with her again…
for the last time!

12C.AVI – Rebel Base Wizard 7 – Download AVI

I haven’t had that much trouble with the sniffers.
My boards were so hot, I thought they were melting.
It looks like the Sergeant had one last gift for us.
But it can only get better, right?

12D.AVI – Rebel Base Vargas 10 – Download AVI

According to the data, the Vigilance Platform is not
totally independent of ground control yet… but soon.
Chairman Draygan has delivered an ultimatum to New York.
Cease all dealings with us and hand over rebel leaders.
in two days time… or be history!
Central believes that whether New York complies or not,
it will be used as an example…
Our chance to keep them from slagging another city
is to drop you into the data bank.
Once you’re inside, use your DataLink to download
new coordinates for the Chairman’s demonstration.
Reaves will arrange your extraction. Good luck.

12E.AVI – Mission 12 Wizard – Download AVI

You’re hard to find. Even without a teleport screen,
you wouldn’t believe how distorted your signal is.
I’ve got a new hazing filter, which should keep sniffers
off my tail. I`m applying juice to the jump pad…
on level three now!
So move it. It won’t hold up for long. Wizard, out.

12F.AVI – Rebel Base News 12 – Download AVI

And to recap our lead story, in the largest act of
Resistance terrorism to date, the entire Reilly Military
Info Installation was obliterated by a nuclear bomb.
Key government sources confirm that radiation levels
are slightly elevated, but they predict the danger will
pass quickly. Citizens living near the installation are
urged to remain indoors for a week. Stay tuned…

12G.AVI – Rebel Base News 13 – Download AVI

And to recap our lead story, in the largest act of
terrorism to date, the entire city of New York was
obliterated by a small nuclear bomb.
Government sources confirm that radiation levels
are slightly elevated, but they predict the danger
should pass quickly. Citizens are urged to remain
indoors for a few weeks. Stay tuned….

13A.AVI – Rebel Base Wizard 8 – Download AVI

Hey, Tin Man.
Know of anyone to buy some slightly used electronics?
I’m about to turn in my hacker’s card, let me tell you.
I think I got hit by every sniffer the Consortium has.
Fried our communication. I had switched everything out
on account of our spying Sergeant, too…

13C.AVI – Rebel Base Vargas 11 – Download AVI

No rest for the wicked, Captain.
I just got word that Colonel Ely is still alive.
He’s for termination, but we might be able to get him.
I just don’t think Cardova is up to it right now.
I can’t send someone in with you… no manpower.
Make this one count, Captain…
I don’t want to lose another good soldier.

13D.AVI – Mission 13 Vargas – Download AVI

What’s the status on our traitor, Lieutenant?
I trust you realize that the Chairman has a personal
interest in the fate of this rogue Silencer.
Captain, what a surprise. I seem to have under-estimated
you again. Or, more appropriately, I seem to have
over-estimated my soldiers. But,
no matter. I know when to cut my losses and run.
Of course this necessitates covering my tracks here,
which should also be useful in convincing Central that
you really were the spy after all.
I trust you said your good-byes before you departed.
There won’t be anything left when the Blast PAC goes off.
It is too bad that you chose to side with the Resistance.
The Consortium is a far more lucrative investment.
So long, Captain.
It was fun while it lasted…

13E.AVI – Mission 13 Brooks 1 – Download AVI

Get me out of here! Major Vargas is a spy!
She’ll destroy the entire unit if we don’t stop her!
If she makes it back, the Resistance has no chance.
Come on let’s go!!

13F.AVI – Mission 13 Brooks 2 – Download AVI

One nice thing about being in this particular cell…
I figured out the code. I’ve got a score with Vargas!

14A.AVI – Rebel Base Maxis 6 – Download AVI

Central confirmed that the Vigilance Platform is now
totally independent and fully operational.
Draygan has informed all cities that they have 24 hours
in which to comply with Consortium strictures,
or face total annihilation. If we do not act now,
the Resistance is doomed.
All attempts to contact your unit directly have failed.
I am assuming that this is further work of the saboteur.
Our only chance to stop the Consortium’s plans
is to attack the Platform directly.
You are to teleport to the Hawking Space Center.
The final shuttle is to depart in less than two hours.
Once you have secured the shuttle, we will transport
soldiers to your location. You will be their leader
during the assault. Maxis, out.

14B.AVI – Rebel Base Brooks 7 – Download AVI

The spy had to get out a signal with Wizard’s gear.
Staked out his station. Caught Vargas trying to contact
her Consortium pals and she tried to make a break for it.
She slammed me into that transporter beam.
I’m coming to in their lock-up. The place is crawling
with Troopers. There`s no way out!
But I should have been here!
These people were my, my friends,…
…my family.
See, they were all I had left after the Consortium
made Petra a paperweight.
I’d figured it out quicker!
I should have been with my people…

14D.AVI – Mission 14 Maxis – Download AVI

Captain, the Consortium has shut down the power grid
in your area. We cannot complete the troop transfer,
nor can we extract you. Worse, that entire Sector has
also been taken off-line. Your only avenue of escape is
in the shuttle. There’s no turning back.
Central will feed mission objectives to your DataLink.
Take out the Vigilance Platform, Captain;
you’re the only chance we have. Maxis, out.

14E.AVI – Mission 14 Brooks – Download AVI

I’ve patched this unit to get a ComLink, Captain.
Wizard hit Vargas with a tracker before she shot him.
Central confirms the tracker’s location.
It looks like she caught a shuttle out. Now she’s…
…on the Vigilance Platform.
When you see her, put a bullet between her eyes for me.
And, eh.. by the way…
Thanks. Brooks, out.

15A.AVI – Mission 15 Draygan/Vargas – Download AVI

I don’t understand, Major, how an officer of your caliber
has consistently failed to eliminate this traitor.
With all the firepower of the Consortium at your disposal,
it is hard to give credit to the reports that this…
rogue Silencer is, even now, aboard the Vigilance Platform.
However, given the state of the
shuttle launch pad, I must concede that it is true.
I’m finding it exceedingly hard to
justify to the Appropriations Committee the money
we have spent on you, Major. I fear the President
is beginning to think that you were an …
unwise investment.
However, if you are able to secure the Platform
from this threat, I should have little trouble insuring
that no one seeks to liquidate any investments…
Do I make myself clear?
Crystal clear, Chairman Draygan. For the record,
I fully appreciate the patronage of the Consortium.
I can prove that it`s still economically feasible to
support your investment. I shall not disappoint you
a second time.
That’s right, Major.

15B.AVI – Mission 15 Maxis 1 – Download AVI

It is imperative that you make your way to the weapon
control system on level seven, Captain. The Consortium
is commencing lock-on procedures for Kiev.
Take out the control computers, thereby the satellites.
Time is of the essence. Maxis, out.

15C.AVI – Mission 15 Maxis 2 – Download AVI

We miscalculated the Consortium’s timetable, Captain.
Kiev… did not survive the Chairman’s retribution.
If our calculations are correct, you have little time
to get there before we lose another city. Maxis, out.

15D.AVI – Mission 15 Maxis 3 – Download AVI

Excellent work. We broke the Consortium stranglehold.
To insure that we bring their plans to a complete halt,
you must destroy the entire Platform.
According to our scientists, the weakest point is its
coolant system in the engineering section on level nine.
With the coolant system damaged or destroyed,
the lithium power core will quickly go super-critical.
This will leave you only minutes to reach the life pods
on level twelve. I wish there was another way to assure
the Consortium’s downfall, Captain. But there isn’t.
Good luck. Maxis, out.

15E.AVI – Mission 15 Vargas – Download AVI

We just keep running into each other in strange places,
don’t we, Captain? You realize, that — thanks to you —
my future with the WEC and the Resistance is finished.
However, I know of several out-of-the-way places
where a woman with money can live like a queen.
And that’s just exactly what I intend to do…
after I get rid of you. There’s just one
life pod left, Silencer, and I have
the access card. So let’s settle this,
once and for all…

16A.AVI – Draygan – Download AVI

— Silence —

17A.AVI – Weasel 1 – Download AVI

Come on, come on, come on. Hello, hello, hello.
Weasel’s the name. Selling weapons is my game.
The finest of Consortium plunder brought to you at low,
low prices. Hey, a man’s got to pay his people!
Also, I`ve got to take care of my little baby, baby.
This stuff isn’t easy to come by either, you know?
So, tell me, Captain, what can I do for you today?

18A.AVI – Weasel 2 – Download AVI

Salutations. The Weasel’s here with the gear!
Everything your destructive little heart could want.
Big guns, little guns and Blast PACs in between.
Peruse the merchandise and we`ll get down to business.
Hm, what will it be today, Captain?

18B.AVI – Weasel 3 – Download AVI

Ah, there you are. Never fear, the Weasel is here!
There have been some prime pickings at the Consortium trough.
Look around. If you don’t see what you want, I can get it.
So, what are you in the market for today, Captain?

18C.AVI – Weasel 4 – Download AVI

Oh, Captain, how nice to see you… come, come, come!
I’ve got a few toys today that just might suit your fancy.
I picked these up with you in mind. They`re beautiful things.
It pays to stock the finest of wares for customers like you.
I’ve got the best deals this side of the WEC stock exchange.
Care to have a look? Have a look. Have a look.

18D.AVI – Weasel 5 – Download AVI

Don`t tell me. Don`t tell me. I know what you want.
Because of all the Consortium activity of late,
the shipment I was expecting, it didn’t make it. No.
My stocks are extremely low, you might not find everything.
I`m sorry about that. But these things happen, you know?
Do you see anything you like?

18E.AVI – Weasel 6 – Download AVI

What’s a businessman to do these days, I ask you?
No help from the Resistance. I can’t go to the Consortium
for a small business loan, now can I?
That’s a good idea!
Until times change, this is all I’ve got for you, Captain.
Please buy something to help poor Weasel? Would you?

18F.AVI – Weasel 7- Download AVI

Oh, poor timing, Captain.
Ah, good!
I’ve been doing big business with your compatriots lately.
Shh, careful.
I just can’t keep enough stocked for the way you fight.
So, everything’s pretty picked over.
But you’re welcome to look around.
What’ll it be?

19A.AVI – Weasel 8 – Download AVI

Yes, yes. Excellent choice. Excellent choice, Captain!
I sell quite a number of those.
How many do you want? I can get them by the gross.

19B.AVI – Weasel 9 – Download AVI

Very good choice. That’s one of the finest items I carry.
Quite a demand for them, you know what I mean?
I’m not sure how many I have left…
How many will you be needing?

19C.AVI – Weasel 10 – Download AVI

Let’s not waste each other’s time. Buy something or move on!
There are other customers waiting. There. There. There.
So, what’ll it be? Are you interested or not?

19D.AVI – Weasel 11 – Download AVI

Listen, I wouldn’t be so picky, if I were you, Captain.
Not the best merchandise, but it’s the only deal in town.
The Consortium has better equipment, but their pension plan
sucks, sucks! You know what I mean? Sucks!
So maybe you’d like something else instead?

19E.AVI – Weasel 12- Download AVI

Excellent choice, Captain. I sell quite a number of those.
How many do you want?

20A.AVI – Weasel 13 – Download AVI

Very well.
As soon as I get confirmation that this little transaction
has cleared your account, I’ll have it dropped off.
Standard procedure. It doesn’t pay to be too trusting.

20B.AVI – Weasel 14 – Download AVI

It’s a pleasure to do business with such a good customer.
You, you.
I’ll have your purchase unloaded and delivered to you.
Service with a smile, that’s what I always say…

20C.AVI – Weasel 15 – Download AVI

Sorry, Captain, but I don’t take the Consortium Express Card.
Just cold, hard credits, if you please.
Perhaps there’s something else I could interest you in…
Something you could afford, maybe.

20D.AVI – Weasel 16 – Download AVI

I`m sorry, but I’m afraid that won’t clear your account.
I’d let you owe me, but it’s just not good business, you know?
Big darkness, come soon.
Perhaps there’s something a little less…
pricey you’d care for right now?

21A.AVI – Weasel 17 – Download AVI

So, have you made up your mind? Is this what you want?

21B.AVI – Weasel 18 – Download AVI

You do understand it, don`t you? I don’t accept returns.
So, you’re sure about this?

21C.AVI – Weasel 19 – Download AVI

Ah, another satisfied customer.
It’s always a pleasure serving the Resistance. I hate those.
Anything else I can do for you, Captain?

21D.AVI – Weasel 20 – Download AVI

Only the best for you, Captain! Remember, tell your friends:
Come see Weasel for your one stop weapons shop.
Is there anything else I could provide for you today?

21E.AVI – Weasel 21 – Download AVI

I should have known. I should have known.
I know it’s hard to make up your mind, but I need to go on.
Can`t you see? They`re here now.
Is there something else you’re interested in right now?

21F.AVI – Weasel 22 – Download AVI

Changed your mind, huh?
Well, everyone’s got the right, I guess.

B01.AVI – Mission 6 Cutscene – Download AVI

— Silence —

H01.AVI – Rebel Base Cutscene – Download AVI

Rebel headquarters, Echo Sector.

O01.AVI – Ending Cutscene – Download AVI

Congratulations traitor. You have unraveled my plans
to crush the Resistance … for now. I shall be
forced to spend months in Senate hearings about Kiev’s
destruction, not to mention reinforcing the public’s
opinion of President Gauthier’s actions in this matter.
So, as a way of expressing my gratitude for your
timely service, I shall allow you your small victory.
But rest assured, Silencer, I shall not
forget about you … and the world is a
small place to hide.

O02.AVI – Failed Ending Cutscene  – Download AVI

— Silence —

R01.AVI – Mission 1 Cutscene – Download AVI

— Silence —

S01.AVI – Mission 14 Cutscene – Download AVI

— Silence —

T01.AVI – Opening Cutscene 1 – Download AVI

— Silence —

T02.AVI – Opening Cutscene 2 – Download AVI

What good will that do?
Oh, man! We shouldn’t have let them go.
Shut up, Vittek! They were civilians, not rebels.
You keep makin’ noise and Command will nail us.
Command ordered the vetron unit to take out our team!
Friendly fire. They just stepped into the wrong line.
Friendly fire! Command tried to kill us for letting them go.
Oh man, we’ve done it now. We’ll be fragged for sure!
Quiet! Nobody’s going down! Just keep your motion …
We can’t go home! You heard what happened to Owens when…
Yes we can! All right. We didn’t find any rebels,
so we couldn’t have let them go, right?
I got a bad feeling about this.

WEC.AVI – Mission 2 Cutscene – Download AVI

Z01.AVI – Unused Vargas – Download AVI

Hello, Captain. Would you care to join me for a drink?

Z02.AVI – Unused Wizard – Download AVI

So, Tin Man. How was your day?

Z03.AVI – Yo-Yo Easter Egg – Download AVI

— Snoring —

No Regret

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